Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Williamsburg, VA

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Williamsburg, Virginia is an amazing city to live in for so many reasons – temperate climate, semi-rural environment, endless opportunities, low crime rate, top public school system, and low cost of living to name a few.

 If you’re considering moving to Williamsburg, VA, you won’t have a hard time convincing friends and family to come for a visit. This city happens to be a year-round tourist destination, so they will most probably be excited to spend a few days here.

What Should You Expect When You Move to Williamsburg, VA?

For anyone who’s contemplating on relocating to Williamsburg, VA, there are likely to be questions about several things, such as job opportunities, schools, and the cost of basic commodities. In this article, we will be answering these questions.

What’s the Cost of Living in Williamsburg, VA
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What’s the Cost of Living in Williamsburg, VA?

According to, the cost of living in Williamsburg, VA is 1.9% lower than the national average despite a 1.2% increase from 2021. If you’re moving from any of these major cities, you can expect your dollars to stretch further for necessities, utilities, and other daily expenses.

Moving From This City to Williamsburg, VADifference in Cost of Living
San Francisco, CA-87.9%
Washington, DC-58.0%
Miami, FL-13.4%
Boston, MA-52.9%

Is Williamsburg, VA a Safe City?

Williamsburg is one of the safest cities in the state of Virginia. It’s also safer than almost 80% of cities in the United States. Crime rate in this city is 52% lower than national averages (including rural areas).

How’s the School System in Williamsburg, VA?

Williamsburg, VA, is known for having high-performing public schools and private schools providing excellent education. The College of William and Mary is a premiere public research university recognized for its outstanding academic reputation and beautiful campus. You may refer to our Williamsburg, VA Local Guide for the complete list of schools along with their phone and website information.

Do You Need a Car When You Live in Williamsburg?

If you plan on moving to Williamsburg, VA, it would be good to have a car. Although there is some public transportation in the busiest parts of the city, this may not be sufficient to get to all the places you need to be.

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How’s the Climate in Williamsburg, VA?

Williamsburg residents enjoy experiencing all four seasons. It is sunnier compared to the average city in the United States. Since this is the Tidewater area, summers can be humid. Williamsburg is a sight to behold when the leaves change colors in the fall.

How’s Williamsburg Compared to the Rest of the Country in Terms of Employment?

As of January 2022, Williamsburg has an employed a total of 11,318 individuals. The largest industry in the city is accommodation and food services. The city is considered a regional employment center, considering its close proximity to major metropolitan areas in Hampton Roads and Richmond. There is a workforce of 1.3 million within commuting distance of Williamsburg, and residents share a wide variety of occupational and career options.

3 Ways to Find Affordable Apartments in Williamsburg, VA

The average monthly rent for apartments in Williamsburg, VA, in 2022 is between $1,282 and $2,648. If you’re looking for an apartment and you’re in a tight budget, here are three things you can do to find an apartment you can afford.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take time to shop around and compare rates across rental websites. There are so many online resources to help you compare rental prices, apartment amenities, and rental requirements, such as and ApartmentGuide.

Use the filters to zero in on the type of apartment you’re looking for, the number of bedrooms and baths, and the amenities, such as air conditioning, an in-unit dishwasher, hardwood floors, a balcony, etc.

Another way to find cheap apartments in Williamsburg is to use social media platforms like Facebook. Many privately owned rental units often pop up on Facebook, so you don’t have to go through a property management company. You can also join Facebook groups and try the Facebook marketplace.

If both suggestions still haven’t led you to an affordable apartment that you want, do a thorough search on Google (or your preferred search engine). This could be a bit time-consuming but doing so will be very helpful in your quest for a cheap apartment to move into.

 Use location-specific keywords like:

  • cheap apartments in Williamsburg VA
  • affordable apartments in Williamsburg VA
  • Williamsburg VA cheap apartment listings
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Williamsburg is centrally located to Brooklyn and Manhattan, offering all the convenience of Manhattan with a more laid-back Brooklyn feel. Williamsburg also boasts a variety of parks and green spaces like McCarren Park and McGolrick Park.

 Another reason would be the restaurants and coffee shops. The city’s a foodie haven, with world-class dining options, including Marlow & Sons, Meso Coyoacan, and Okonomi / YUJI Ramen.

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Some of the best restaurants you have to try when in Williamsburg, VA are: Le Yaca, Cochon on 2nd, Fat Canary, The Rockefeller Room at The Williamsburg Inn, King’s Arm Tavern. 

The top 5 attractions in Williamsburg, VA are: Colonial Williamsburg, Governor’s Palace, George Wythe House, Busch Gardens, and Great Hopes Plantation.

Yes, definitely! In fact, the city is known for its excellent schools. Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools is a highly rated, public school district serving 10,985 students in grades Pre-kindergarten through K-12.

Comfortable shoes! Because you’ll be needing those for going to all the attractions in and around the city.

Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Williamsburg, VA

There you have it! Your ultimate list of things you need to know before you move to Williamsburg, VA. And, if you’re looking to buy a house in this lovely city, I would be more than happy to help. Please feel free to give me a call at (757) 447-9498 or send me an email at so we can schedule a meeting.