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Luxury Homes for Sale in Williamsburg, VA Subdivisions

Williamsburg Subdivisions are upscale communities in the flourishing city of Williamsburg, VA, characterized mainly by their exquisite charms and remarkable real estate portfolio.

Williamsburg Subdivisions are strategically positioned a few minutes from the city center. Some communities in the city are exclusive and gated subdivisions, perfectly ideal for families who prefer a higher level of security and privacy. Whether you’re looking for a gorgeous yet straightforward home or upscale mansions, one of the Williamsburg Subdivisions indeed has something for you. Please get in touch with our team directly if you would like a more in-depth report on the available properties for sale in the region. We’ll be happy to show you the finest deals currently available on the market and a variety of property selections that best suit your requirements.

PREMIUM NEIGHBORHOODS: While Williamsburg is a terrific area to live in for many reasons, the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods can be expensive yet provide you with tons of excellent top-rated amenities to enjoy. Living in one of Williamsburg Subdivisions can offer you an opulent lifestyle amid tranquil surroundings.

DIVERSE ARCHITECTURAL STYLES: Williamsburg Subdivisions are home to various residential properties with undeniably excellent furnishings and detailing. Aside from that, homes in each subdivision in the city are adorned with specific architectural styles that emanate sophistication and grandeur. Among the standard home designs accessible in the region include Traditional, Craftsman, Two-Story, Cape Cod, Colonial, Transitional, Contemporary/Modern, Farmhouse, and Ranch styles. Given the diversity of architectural finishes available in Williamsburg Subdivisions, the region can accommodate a broader market of interested homebuyers with different preferences.

IMPRESSIVE RESIDENCES: Among the most desirable neighborhoods in Williamsburg are concentrated in the city’s western section, and most of the Williamsburg Subdivisions are relatively modest in terms of land size. Still, they provide a wide range of remarkable and exquisite properties. Certain subdivisions in the city offer entry-level residential properties suitable for families planning to purchase their starter homes in the region. Several mid-sized homes are also accessible in specific subdivisions of Williamsburg.

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Homes in Williamsburg Subdivisions

10 Real Estate Facts About Williamsburg Subdivisions

  • Luxury houses for sale in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Williamsburg are available at prices ranging from $1,000,000 to $26,000,000, depending on location.
  • Some Williamsburg Subdivisions offer entry-level residential properties with sale prices ranging from $150,000 to less than $900,000, making them a practical solution for families with limited funding.
  • Because Williamsburg is positioned between the York River and the James River, interested homebuyers can purchase waterfront properties in various subdivisions across the city.
  • There are residences available in various layouts ranging from one to six bedrooms.
  • There are dwellings in the area that have anywhere from one to eight bathrooms, depending on the property size.
  • The floor space provided by the dwellings in the region typically ranges between 830 sq ft and 9,700 sq ft in size.
  • Vacant lots ideal for developing one-of-a-kind dwellings are also available in Williamsburg Subdivisions.
  • Vacant lots with a lot of space, frequently ranging in size from 0.2510 acres to 0.6526 acres, are also available in the area and can be found in various sizes.
  • The most commonly used lot sizes for residential housing in Williamsburg Subdivisions range from 0.06 acres to 3.06 acres.
  • In the area, there are many different architectural styles to choose from. The most frequent are the Traditional, Craftsman, Two-Story, Cape Cod, Colonial, Transitional, Contemporary/Modern, Farmhouse, and Ranch designs.
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Williamsburg Subdivision is a group of neighborhoods you can find in the beautiful city of Williamsburg. Located in Hampton Roads’ northern half, Williamsburg is a port city on the Virginia Peninsula. It shares its western and southern borders with James City County and its north and eastern borders with Lightfoot and York counties. You may find Chickahominy Riverfront Park on the southwest side of Williamsburg and is near Greensprings Wests, one of the subdivisions in the city; it is one of the first sites you’ll see when you arrive in Williamsburg from that direction. Subdivisions may be found around Williamsburg; however, most are in the city’s western reaches.

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Things to do in Williamsburg Subdivisions

Greensprings Interpretive Trail

Trail winds its way past beaver ponds, marshes, and woodlands on this 3.5-mile circle. It's a great spot to go for a jog, a run, a trip, or simply to sit back and rest.


A top-notch 24-hour gym with open room for cross-training and HIIT, as well as regular cardio and weight training areas.

College Landing Park

A local park where visitors may enjoy a walking path, a kayak/canoe launch, and rich biodiversity.

Opus 9 Steakhouse

Cocktails and wine are served with steaks, pork chops, and shellfish in a posh, white-tablecloth environment.


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